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Simple and effective packaging which is great. Beautiful product with many uses. N essentials my one stop shop!

Hayley Crichlow , NSW Australia

Very happy with the Himalayan bath salts. Quick delivery, Good price.

Karen , VIC Australia

this is the 1st time I made my own skin care, the non nano zinc oxide is great, it’s take me a while to found the non nano zinc oxide it is such an amazing product, I never like the commercial made sunscreens that’s why I tried to make my own. It just prefect !!

Jessie Tsoi , NSW Australia

I was very excited to receive this surprise oil free with my order. Lovely citrus fragrance that smells just like a freshly cut orange. I have been using this in my diffuser and the house smells delicious.

Alison , VIC Australia

beautiful oil, so many uses, fav is in oil burner so relaxing and welcoming aroma, my place is everyone favorite meeting place.

Karen Davis , NSW Australia

A beautiful quality product which is easy to use. A great addition to my chocolate body products!

Georgia , VIC Australia

This is the perfect oil to use after moisturising! It does wonders by adding extra moisture to my skin without leaving that greasy/sticky feeling other oils tend to leave. I can’t recommend this enough if you’re after an extra touch of hydration in your skin care routine!

Emma Stankunas , QLD Australia

I have been using the unrefined Shea Nut butter to make all natural body butters. I am so happy with the results, my friends and family love them. So much better than the store bought body butters. N-essentials is a great company and the cheapest prices I have found so far!

Stacey Trembath , NSW Australia

The ordering process was easy, delivery was quick and well packaged, pricing very competive and the oil is perfect for my DIY skin care at products! I will be back to purchase more products soon.

Carley , NSW Australia

I purchased this Cocoa Butter to make my own whipped body butter & was very impressed with my first effort thanks to the great quality N-Esentials products I used. Postage was very fast. I’ll certainly be making more purchases from N-Essentials.

Sue , VIC Australia

Good product! good size for the pellets to melt very quickly!

Julie , QLD Australia

The items came very quickly and they do seem to making a big difference with the pain.cheaper than other placed as well.will definitely buy from them again.

Leonie rant , NSW Australia

I need to wear medical compression stockings to my knees 24/7. In hotter weather my skin flakes badly and is very dry and can get sore (extremely raw and sore!). Few items seem to work but already I have found this soothing. It absorbs oils easily so I have mixed with castor, Jojoba, some pawpaw and a little honey. Within two days my skin has gone from painful to reasonably soothed. I’m now going to try refrigerating the cream simply because that immediate coolness will remove the heat that pulses from the skin area where the stockings go. Compression stockings can be great but unbelievably drying.

Susan Plunkett , NSW Australia

What a bargain! And still has a year to go before it expires, so plenty of time for me to include it in my lime scented green swirl soap! I will get several batches made from this whopping big bottle, so thanks again!

Suzie , VIC Australia

Great product, fantastic for blending essential oils into water based products

Katie Driscoll , VIC Australia

I have been making up a tonic of green tea and vitamin c powder for the last six weeks. I use it after cleansing and before moisturising at night. My skin is much smoother especially noticed that the crepeness on my cheeks is much finer and my skin is brighter.

Maria , NSW Australia

N essentials your Rose Absolute is a real find. It’s tenacious and hard wearing but also just a really nice rosey smell. Thanks

Rebecca Young , VIC Australia

I couldn’t be happier with this product!Works beautifully in my Ball Mason pump soap jar, and I love that it works as a hand soap without irritating the skin.Thank you!!

Kimberley Gantenbein , ACT Australia

I just love burning these oils in my vaporiser, they arrived today and I just couldn’t wait to add them to my burner, a sweet smell that permeates my home, love love love it.

Robyn Mills , NSW Australia

This unrefined cocoa butter is fantastic. I have used this product in soap making , shampoo bars and lip balm. Love what it does to lip balm, especially if you are a chocolate lover! Yummmm

Eloise , NSW Australia

Great product! Great for making balms, for baby and all the members of the family. Packaged well. Fast shipping!

Naomi , QLD Australia

Meadowfoam seed oil is an excellent skin softener with a beautiful velvety and conditioning feel, containing natural antioxidants. I’m loving in the blend of carriers and essential oils I recently purchased.
Love the care taken in the presentation of all products received that have been carefully packed.
Will definitely be buying more and more raw and natural products from this Aussie online store.
Keep up the fantastic service.

Emilia Sanchez , NSW Australia

Always top quality. This oil is a main ingredient of a Blend of mine. It’s important that it is the highest quality. N-Essentials never lets me down, and the prices are fantastic. Keep up the fantastic work!

Wayne Page , QLD Australia

I love this colour & mixed it with arrowroot powder & made a gorgeous shimmering brown eyeshadow that lasts all day.

Kaye Wilson , Australia

Finally! I have found a soap that i feel is perfect for me. Its is not drying to my skin but i still get that clean feeling i love so much. Gentle enough to use on my face and even doubles as a shampoo! It cleans my roots but doesnt leave my hair feeling horrible like regular shampoo! Deffinately buying this product again and have already recommended it to my family members!

Siehanna mickelo , QLD Australia

So glad I came across N-Essentials! Cannot recommend this company highly enough! I purchased their Pure Organic Unrefined Cocoa butter along with other oils to make my own homemade body butter and everyone has complemented the lovely rich chocolate smell from it. Such high quality, and gentle enough to use on my toddler with sensitive skin

Josephine , WA Australia

We purchased 100ml of this oil and are using it as a fragrance additive for our natural disinfectant room fogger. The smell turned out to be better than we expected. I highly recommend this product.

Bryan Young , QLD Australia

About to use in making a sunscreen with no nasties as red raspberry seed oil has a high SPF by itself

Tarja Henttonen , WA Australia

Loved this! Making some awesome masks and scrubs for my friends, its so nice and sticky to my skin. Highly recommend it.

Jess , Australia

Fantastic… love that I can buy it in bulk not only do I use it in my cold process soap making but its silkie and gentle enough to rub on my little girls tummy at night and we use it as a moisturiser for our bubs eczema which is 100x better then coconut. Love it!

Cara , QLD Australia

Fabulous product! So versatile and easy to melt down. It made perfect home made vapour rub

Kirsty Beilby , Australia

Very happy with this peppermint oil, which I will be using for deodorising spray.

Allison , QLD Australia

I love this product! I buy it in 20 Litres at a time. Have had no worries using this coconut oil. Love that it comes in a big ‘goon bag’ and can easily be melted down when needed. Highly recommended!

Karla , Australia

Very happy with this product, comparably priced, will be a repeat customer

Kylie Connor , Australia

Very nice oil, I use it alone or with a touch of lavender oil as a body moisturiser and my skin always feels soft and hydrated.

Beth , Australia

Just love this scent, it is so uplifting and refreshing. I have use this in my Lemongrass CP Goats Milk Soap. Thanks again for a wonderful EO scent.

Kim W , NSW Australia

“I used to spray this on my face everyday when I travelled overseas to Central America. When I sprayed it in the mornings, the aloe vera juice felt light and refreshing, then when I would spray it in the evening- it would soothe my sun-soaked face and absorb easily.”

Marian O'Leary , VIC Australia

“I have purchased Lanolin from many suppliers over the years. I cannot recommend this product enough. For its ability to blend with my oils and butters. The quality of this lanolin, I highly recommend. And have to many others.”

Wendy Sullivan , QLD Australia

“I’ve been ordering from these guys for the past 3 years and I love how much everything has improved and grown. The website looks great, love the content, love the recipes and new products. The quality is great and shipping is super fast. a year ago I would have to wait for at least 2 weeks for the order to WA but this time not even a week. Keep up the good work guys!”

Kristina Shepeleva , WA Australia

“I love N Essential’s Cedarwood Essential Oil! It’s earthy, woody scent blends perfectly with so many other oils that I use it as a base note in many of my soaps, deodorants and reed diffusers. Top quality!”

Sarah Mostyn , VIC Australia

Bought the non nano Zinc Oxide to make my own sunscreen for summer! Awesome product, going to enjoy the sun knowing i’m not bathing myself in unnecessary toxins from most store bought sunscreens.

John Aspar , WA Australia

I would like to thank you for such fantastic products and great customer service
I will always buy from u guys

Leonie Young , NSW Australia

I’ve used coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and rosehip oil on my face as night time moisturizers, and if I only got to keep one as the one I could use, I would easily choose the avocado oil. It just seems to have nourished my skin the most for the lowest price out of the lot.
It feels light enough to use at night time for most of the year and I haven’t had any breakouts or increased clogged pores. Also works well for me for oil cleansing and removing makeup. My go-to all-round skincare oil for sure!

Lesley Anne , VIC Australia

I’ve been researching various online stores and have struggled to find one that offered reasonable prices. Very glad to have found N-Essentials. Great range of products and great prices! Really convenient that there is a pick up option! Thank you!

Lavania Voruganti , VIC Australia

amazing product…lot more cheaper than commercial vit c serum .. was paying 100 dollar for 15 ml of vit c serum.. which was sticky n did not do much for my acne prone skin ..my so happy i found this …little goes long way……….

thank you N essential..

Anonymous customer , NT Darwin Australia

Shipped quickly and product (castor oil) in good quality!

Frances , Sydney NSW Australia

I spend lots and lots of money on very expensive hair products . I have frizzy dry damaged hair and decided to go back to Sulphate free products and try the all natural Argan oil . In saying that I already have 3 other bottles of expensive morrocan /Argan oil but of course anything from most hair retailers is full of silicones . So this was next on the list . Well I absolutely love it my hair is much softer less frizz and generally feels a lot less damaged. I have been using this product with sulphate frees for around a month now and there is quite a bid difference . At first I thought I was just having a good hair day but now I have tried it enough times to know it’s the product that is making the difference . Awesome stuff will continue to buy from this site .i also use on my skin . Not sure if I can see a difference with my skin but I have always used oils on my skin.

Antoinette Williams , QLD Australia

Top marks for this one. I have vulvadynia and have been struggling with the pain for nearly 3 years. Cortisone cream was prescribed along with Lignocain 2%. Not very effective and very expensive. butter What a God send this has been. Pain goes within a few minutes, I use it 2-3 times a day. It is better than Nyogyn to which I had a reaction as I have a very sensitive system. I have also had an itchy rash on my leg for years, the itch was being controlled with Cortisone cream. Shea butter stopped the itch very quickly and the rash faded but did not disappear. Any excess can be patted off with a tissue. Have been using Tamanu Oil and it gives the same result. Shea is the best cuticle conditioner I have ever used.

Grateful , Eli Waters QLD Australia