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Goats Milk Soap

Handmade Goats Milk Soaps for Sale in Australia

Your online store for Natural Goat Milk Soap

Our natural goat milk soaps are handmade right here in Australia with the highest standard of ingredients available. You’ll find such ingredients as sustainable palm oil, coconut, sunflower, rice bran, castor & soy bean oils as well as a variety of other extracts that are included as natural preservatives. And most importantly, our soaps have added goats milk.

N-Essentials’ natural goats milk soaps are typically manufactured using the cold-processed method. This involves the ingredients being mixed at a low temperature which means that the product keeps all the natural goodness of the base oils and essential oils. During the saponification process, natural glycerine is produced in large quantities which remain in the final bar of soap. This gives our handmade soaps their smooth, creamy long-lasting lather, providing nourishment and moisturising properties for your skin and does not dry out your skin like commercial soaps tend to do.