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Soaps and Bodycare

Quality Australian Handmade Specialty Soaps

A mix of goat’s milk, essential oils and natural ingredients to treat your skin

N-Essentials has a luscious range of high quality handmade soaps that combine specialty ingredients and aromas to deliver the ultimate beauty bar. Our essential oil soaps are perfect for relaxation, while our natural goat’s milk soap is perfect for moisturising and nurturing your skin. The range of African Black Soap available online at N-Essentials is 100% natural and provides many cosmetic benefits for your skin. Likewise, the Soapnut products we deliver are all natural and provide an organic laundry detergent alternative.

All natural and soft on your delicate skin, N-Essentials’ specialty soaps offer the highest level of care for your entire body.

Browse the range below and choose from the selection we have on offer – all of which are guaranteed to love your skin!

Also check out our himalayan salt soap which gives you a natural alternative for those with sensitive skin.

Massage Oil – Relaxing Essential Oil Blend

$7.70 incl GST Add

Natural African Black Soap

$6.50 incl GST Add

Natural Castile Liquid Soap

$14.91 incl GST Add


$9.90 incl GST Add
Citrus 4 Fruits Essential Oil Soap Citrus 4 Fruits

Citrus 4 Fruits Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Clean Shave Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Dog Wash Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Earthy Tangerine Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Goats Milk & Honey Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Goats Milk & Lemon Myrtle Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Goats Milk Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Goats Milk & Oatmeal Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add
Gardener Scrub Soap Gardener Scrub

Gardener Scrub Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Harmony Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Lavender Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add
Lavender Flower Essential Oil Soap Lavender Flower

Lavender Flower Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

Lemongrass Soap

$3.50 incl GST Add

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