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How To Make Shea Butter Moisturiser


To create this recipe, you’ll need

1. 250g Shea Nut Butter (https://www.n-essentials.com.au/produ…)

2. 4 tbs coconut oil (https://www.n-essentials.com.au/produ…)

3. 1 tbs sweet almond oil (https://www.n-essentials.com.au/produ…)

4. 1 tbs jojoba oil (https://www.n-essentials.com.au/produ…)

5. 1 tsp castor oil (https://www.n-essentials.com.au/produ…)

6. 1 tsp lavender essential oil (https://www.n-essentials.com.au/produ…)

7. 1 tsp rosemary essential oil (https://www.n-essentials.com.au/produ…)



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