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Room Deodoriser Spray – For Serious Odour Problems

Ingredients: 240ml distilled water (can get at the supermarket in the cleaning/laundry aisle) 6 drops cedarwood essential oil 3 drops tea tree essential oil 30ml polysorbate 20 1 dispenser bottle with nozzle spray Method: Mix the distilled water and polysorbate 20 in a spray bottle with the cedarwood essential oil and tea tree oil. Shake […]

Room deodoriser - soothing blend

Room Deodoriser Spray – Soothing Blend

Is the cat litter stinking up the whole room? What about the baby room – one too many nappies? What about your teenager’s room – where is that floor? Below are some simple recipes to help make any room smell fresh and sanitised again. Ingredients: 240ml distilled water (can get at the supermarket in the […]

Woman shaving leg

Nourishing Shaving Cream

Try this nourishing shaving cream as a natural alternative to commercially-available shaving cream for use on the legs and face of both men and women.

Citrus Massage Oil

Citrus Massage Oil

Freshen yourself up with this sweet-smelling, citrusy massage oil straight after an early morning shower or before going on a night-out.

Pink himalayan bath salt

Luxurious Scented Pink Himalayan Bath Salt

This recipe allows for a deep salt bath for an all-over body cleanse leaving you fresh with healthier-looking skin. Ingredients: 2 cups pink Himalayan bath salt – mixed granules 2 teaspoons sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil if allergic to almond 10 drops rose geranium essential oil 5-10 drops red food colouring 1 glass jar with lid […]

Cocoa Body Butter for Dry Skin

This recipe is a common body butter recipe that is simple and yet effective for very dry skin, particularly for heel calluses and over-used dry hands. Body butters are generally thicker and more concentrated than body lotions or body creams and when applied, the thick lotion creates a barrier between the skin and the natural elements thus providing an extra layer of protection as well as helping to hold in the skin’s natural moisture levels.

Cocoa butter lotion

Luscious Vanilla-scented Cocoa Lotion for Irritated Skin

Feel the smooth creaminess of this lotion that is ideal for soothing irritated skin. Ingredients: 220gms unrefined organic cocoa butter 115gms apricot kernel oil 115gms sweet almond oil 1 ground vanilla bean (can be purchased in supermarkets or health food stores) Method: Mix the apricot kernel oil in with the cocoa butter and melt on […]

Lavender moisturising bar

Lavender Moisturising Lotion Bar for Dry Skin

This lotion bar provides a soothing, moisturising alternative to lotions that is suitable for face, hands and all over the body. Lotion bars look and feel like a solid bar of soap and their consistency is not as creamy or wet as a lotion, but when applied onto the skin, will act like a lotion. […]