Vitamin A Palmitate

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Vitamin A Palmitate

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Note that this oil is in its solid state at room temperature. It can be melted down in warm water to become a golden-coloured oil. 

Vitamin A palmitate 1.0MIU/g is the Corrective Vitamin otherwise known as Retinol Palmitate or Retinyl Palmitate. Retinyl palmitate can be used as an additive in skin care formulations or can be applied directly onto the skin. After its absorption into the skin, retinyl palmitate is converted to retinol, and ultimately to retinoic acid (the active form of vitamin A present in Retin-A). Only retinoids such as retinoic acid have a direct effect on skin and can adjust to help the skin achieve a more youthful look.

Uses and Benefits:

In topical preparations, vitamin A palmitate can be used for enhancing skin elasticity, reducing scaliness and moisturising skin and scalp and much more. The oil has enjoyed a reputation for helping to smooth out wrinkles, reducing facial lines and promote healthy skin and hair.

Usage levels

  • Skin care 0.2-1.0%
  • Hair care 0.25-1.0%
  • Nail Care 0.25-1.0%

Ingredients: vitamin A palmitate, peanut oil, vitamin E


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    You’ll be amazed at the results.


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