Mica Pigments – Olive Yellow

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Code: CR6011

Mica Pigments – Olive Yellow

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Code: CR6011
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Mica Pigments Olive Yellow
Pigment to colour soaps and cosmetics

Particle size: 10-60 micron
Composition: mica 50-55%, titanium dioxide 44-49%
Form: powder
Colour: olive yellow
Odour: odourless
Solubility: insoluble in water
Melting point: decomposes

This multicolour shimmery pigment mainly comprises of mica and titanium dioxide.

Micas are categorised as an approved natural colourant that has been mined and then individual mica platelets are coated with approved pigments to achieve the colourant. The multi-sided colour is what gives micas its unmistakeable shimmer and sheen. It works best in clear products such as clear melt and pour soap as the shimmer needs light in order to reflect. One good thing about mica is that it tends not to clump in cold process soap. The down side though is that it tends to be unstable in cold process soap.

Titanium dioxide is a thickening, whitening, lubricating ingredient added to this pigment to protect the skin. It is added to allow a level of stability not afforded by mica. The end result of the combination of mica and titanium dioxide is a multicolour shimmery pigment that is fairly stable and not clumpy.

This shimmery pigment can be used by itself in bodycare applications or to brighten other colours in various applications. It can be used for colouring cosmetics as well as to colour soaps.

The 15g option is packaged in a clear vial whilst larger options come packaged in resealable ziplock standup pouches.


Warning: there may be violent or incandescent reaction of the product with metals, such as aluminium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, lithium, sodium etc, at high temperatures.


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