Carrot Seed Essential Oil

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil

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Carrot Seed Essential Oil for Sale Online

  • Botanical name: Daucus Carota
  • Plant part: Dried fruit (seeds)
  • Extraction method:┬ánaturally extracted

Carrot Seed Essential Oil is known for revitalising your skin, giving your appearance a fresher and firmer look. It can also be used in burners or vapourisers, creams and lotions, as a blended massage oil or in the bath.

Many people initially find the aroma of Carrot Seed Essential Oil somewhat off-putting, especially when it is not blended with another milder essential oil that might dilute the intense fragrance. Carrot Seed Essential Oil is golden yellow in colour and has a thin to medium consistency.

WARNING: Carrot seed essential oil is not to be taken internally.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Great quality, much loved addition to my eye cream

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    The smell..? Oh gosh — Horrible. But the effect it has on the skin..? Priceless! I’ve spent a LONG time and LOTS of money finding the miracle cure for my skin. I know there is no such thing, but I can hope and dream. And this is the closest I’ve come to perfect skin. Normally I’m okay with products, but I don’t really SEE anything hugeliy different. But here I actually do. Softer, plumpier skin, no breakouts. Will buy again when I run out, but won’t happen too soon cause one (two.. for neck as well) drop(s) into normal cream or oil you use is plenty!


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