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Making the Grade: Essential Oils

The powers of essential oils are not exactly ‘new’ news to the world at large. These substances have been used by various civilisations here for thousands of years prior to today. It is a truism, perhaps, that one simply cannot improve upon the classics. However, what has changed is our technological prowess. Today, we are […]

Carrier/Essential Oil Blends and Massages

Is there anything more relaxing than a massage? The services of a skilled therapist are in high demand, and for good reason. The soothing hands of a talented masseuse can work out the stress of our long and busy days like few things can, easing tense muscle areas or sore spots, improving our relaxation and […]

Five Essential Oil Blends for Winter’s Dry Skin

The winter months have begun to descend on us in Australia’s southern states. Some of us are already fully engulfed by shorter, cooler days and nights that border on the perilous. Further north, the downward trend is reaching its apex, and this means that it is shortly time to break out the space heater or […]

Essential Oil and the Winter

Resist it all you will, but the winter months have begun to descend on us. And while we may be blessed with a relatively mild winter in the bulk lucky land (Tasmanians, we empathise), there are some realities to these seasons that can wreak havoc upon our health and our home’s ambience. With the windows […]

Essential Oils – Properties, Uses & Benefits

Wondering what properties make essential oils a much-admired ingredient? Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and have long been valued for their beneficial properties. Used across cultures, essential oils are renowned for their versatility and are extensively used in aromatherapy, beauty care products and even household cleaning products. Are you new to the world […]

How Can You Use Oregano Oil on Your Face?

Oregano oil is obtained from the leaves and flowers of the perennial herb, Oregano and is valued for its versatile benefits. Packed with the powerful compounds of carvacrol and thymol, the oil makes the perfect natural ingredient to nourish the skin. Oregano oil has an earthy aroma and is much stronger than dried oregano. Rich […]

Essential Oil Recipes for your Diffuser

There is nothing quite like the joy of enriching your home with the uplifting aroma of essential oils. A natural alternative to air fresheners, scented candles and wall plug-ins, essential oil diffusers offer a safe and non-toxic way to create a refreshing ambience. Diffusing essential oils is simple and you have the freedom to experiment […]