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Fragrance Oil – Ocean Breeze

$4.95 incl GST Add
Lotus Flowers

Fragrance Oil – Lotus Flowers

$4.95 incl GST Add

Fragrance Oil – Coco Mango

$4.95 incl GST Add

Fragrance Oil – Pina Colada

$4.95 incl GST Add

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Citric Acid Anhydrous
$9.00 incl GST

Naturally occurring in citrus fruits such as lemons and limes, Citric acid is an organic substance used…

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“I love this product! I buy it in 20 Litres at a time. Have had no worries using this coconut oil. Love…”

Kylie Connor

“Very happy with this product, comparably priced, will be a repeat customer”


“Very nice oil, I use it alone or with a touch of lavender oil as a body moisturiser and my skin always…”

Kim W
NSW Australia

“Just love this scent, it is so uplifting and refreshing. I have use this in my Lemongrass CP Goats Milk Soap. Thanks…”

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