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Flash Silver

Mica Pearlescent Pigments – Flash Silver

$7.15 incl GST Add

Mica Pearlescent Pigments – Fine Satin White

$7.15 incl GST Add
Flash Bronze

Mica Pearlescent Pigments – Flash Bronze

$7.15 incl GST Add

Mica Pearlescent Pigments – Coffee

$7.15 incl GST Add

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shea butter

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter With a botanical name of Butyrospermum Parkii, Shea butter is also known as…

avocado oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil takes long chain triglycerides from a fraction of the coconut oil, leaving it with…

avocado oil

Incorporate Sweet Almond Oil into your skincare formulation to create a product that truly softens and re-conditions…

Foam Pump Bottle
Foam Pump Bottle
$3.03 incl GST

Buy Foam Pump Bottle OnlineOur foam pump bottle set comes with a clear bottle fitted with an…

jojoba oil

Rich in Vitamin E, Golden Jojoba oil is in fact a liquid wax that helps to correct…

Beeswax – Yellow Beads
$8.80 incl GST

A by-product of the honey production process, Beeswax is used in a multitude of applications, from candle…

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John Debrincat
NSW Australia

“Looking forward to using it when it arrives. It’s for my wife but I will use it too”

helichrysum oil
TAS Australia

“Received this oil as a free gift with my order in November 2018, and I’ve recently started using it in the diffuser…”

QLD Australia

“I love this product. I have only used it 3 times, but my hair feels great, and has a good feel and…”

Tamanu Oil
Shi Yi
VIC Australia

“It get absorbed by the skin very quickly. I use it in my facial oil, body butter and as a makeup removal.”

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