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Hydrosols are the by-products of the process of steam-distilling plants to create essential oils. They are in effect a ‘gentle’ version of essential oils; hydrosols carry the same fragrances and properties in their waters as essential oils do, but they are mild enough to be used on the skin. Also known as floral water, hydroflorates, flower waters or distillates, the highest quality hydrosols typically come from specialist distillers who specifically steam flowers and plant materials to produce hydrosols.

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Applications for hydrosols

  • can be used by itself as a toner
  • add to a soothing hot bath
  • mix with cosmetic clay to produce a clay facial mask
  • use instead of water in lotions or cosmetic recipes
  • use as a deodorant
  • use as a linen spray with just a spritz on a pillow or bed linen
  • use as a facial spritzer
  • use for direct application to the skin
  • use as a cooling agent
  • use in saunas
  • use in hair care applications
  • use as a fragrance
  • use for massage

Hydrosol Usage Warnings

  • Hydrosols should be treated as a perishable product. Keep refrigerated to lengthen shelf life.
  • Store hydrosols away from direct sunlight and ideally in a dark location
  • Store hydrosols in amber or dark bottles
  • Do not keep bottles partially full - When a bottle of hydrosol is left only partially full, the oxygen that also lives inside the bottle reacts with the hydrosol and begins to oxidize it. Oxidization can harm the fragile aromatic constituents of the hydrosol. The empty space inside a bottle of oil is called the "headspace." You can prolong the shelf life of your hydrosols and reduce this headspace by transferring to smaller bottles as the water is being used.
  • Keep bottle caps tight.
  • Maintain the integrity of your hydrosols by not allowing unsterilized items like your fingers, cotton balls or other items to come into direct contact with the hydrosols you are storing.

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