Coconut Oil Fractionated Camellia Carrier Oil Zinc Oxide Powder
Coconut Oil (Fractionated)
Our Price: $9.00 ($9.90 inc GST)

Camellia Seed Oil - Pure Natural Base Carrier Oil
Our Price: $7.00 ($7.70 inc GST)

Zinc Oxide Powder
Our Price: $5.91 ($6.50 inc GST)


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N-Essentials stocks Australia’s best selection of 100% pure, natural and often organic aromatherapy products and essential oils, which you can buy online. Our team is passionate about providing our valued customers with quality essential oils and aromatherapy products that deliver the best that nature has to offer.

We source our products from many reputable, quality suppliers to ensure you get the best products at the best value for money. When you buy with N-Essentials, you are receiving quality natural aromatherapy oil products at highly competitive prices. Whether you choose the soothing smell of frankincense oil or refreshing and energising sweet orange oil, our range of essential oils provide benefits to fit a broad variety of needs.

Your wholesale aromatherapy oil suppliers

In addition to being Australia’s leading wholesale aromatherapy and essential oil suppliers, N-Essentials carries a comprehensive range of natural and organic products designed to help your skin and hair look its best.

Among our extensive range you’ll find:

If you are looking for essential oils and aromatherapy products to buy online, N-Essentials is your one-stop-shop. We deliver across Australia and throughout the world, so explore our range of products and order today!

Top Sellers

Vitamin E oil
Our Price: $12.68 ($13.95 inc GST)
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Our Price: $7.73 ($8.50 inc GST)
Rosewood Essential Oil
Our Price: $11.00 ($12.10 inc GST)
Vitamin C Powder
Our Price: $8.90 ($9.79 inc GST)
Epsom Bath Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)
Our Price: $7.73 ($8.50 inc GST)

New Products

Ginger Oil
Our Price: $11.00 ($12.10 inc GST)